Sunday, January 30, 2011

our ambitions


seasonc said...

dear mathieu,
i am sorry, i cant stop laughing at yr "Manglish", 'So Interesting' hahaha.
your both sons look alike now, how ah?

wishing u and Len and the 2 boys a wonderful Chinese New Year, hop hop like a rabbit!

len said...

Season, Mathieu here, remind me your score at ninja fruit? Muahahah!! Victory is mine.

Colee Tan said...

woo..finally got something new update~~i miss you all!!

i really not really understand what louan's ambition..something listen to his heart!!
cute cute cousin~really look alike~~

len said...

dear colee,
louan said:
when i grow up,
i want to control my computer,
to teach people how to do things.
and yvain said:
ah goo,ah,aw,em,and so on.

mm said...

both boys are adorable... miss you for the past month ^_^

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